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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Two special to investigate impact of UK's big freeze on wildlife

As the whole of the British Isles faces up to what is now the coldest and "whitest" winter for decades, our wildlife is forced to endure huge challenges.

As we struggle to cope, how does nature survive and adapt? The Springwatch/Autumnwatch team and friends have been out investigating what the big freeze really means for our wild animals.

Snow Watch, a specially-commissioned winter wildlife special, will report from wildlife hotspots around the UK, discussing who are the winners and losers, and offering advice on what we can do to help in our own gardens.

Tim Scoones, Executive Producer, says: "We are delighted to be able to report on what could be one of the most difficult periods our native wildlife has faced in years.

"We have fascinating stories pouring in from around the country about how our wildlife is trying to cope, and how wildlife enthusiasts are doing their best to help."

Join Chris Packham, Kate Humble, Simon King and all the team for up-to-the minute reports, insight and analysis.

Viewers can contact the team with their own wildlife stories, photos or videos from the big freeze through the website,

Snow Watch is on BBC Two at 8.00pm on Wednesday 13 January 2010.


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