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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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So You Think You Can Dance: Lizzie Gough

Lizzie Gough

Bikram yoga-addict who lives with her street-dancer boyfriend.

Lizzie is obsessed with dancing and devotes her life to it. Having started at four with ballet, jazz and tap at her local school in Southampton, she went on to train at Laine Theatre Arts. She still trains every day and when she's not dancing she's doing yoga to keep herself supple.

Her work includes various jobs from TV commercials to touring with Take That as one of their dancers.

Encouraged by family and friends to audition for the show, she was initially unsure, but after watching some of the US shows she found the dancers breathtaking and decided to go for it.

Greatest dancing fear?

"Forgetting a routine, or blanking out."

Best physical feature?

"Ha! Some people say my bottom, but I'd say my eyes..."

Worst habit in dance?

"Sometimes I chew my mouth, whilst dancing. I doubt myself also."

On stage most embarrassing moment?

"There was a time when I forgot a piece of choreography during a performance at the exact same time as my friend who I was dancing next to – and the annoying thing was the two of us were the only two who got it right all the way through rehearsals! They were copying us really, so when we lost it, they all lost it too..."

How did you get into dance?

"My older brother did dance lessons when we were much younger – and I insisted one day on going along, because he was. Then I just fell in love with it, and now it's my life... I dance all the time."

Where did you train?

"Well, I started out in Southampton, but then I went on to college at Laine Theatre Arts."

What is your favourite type of dance?

"I'm a bit of a confused dancer, stylistically... because I have so many dance backgrounds I love a bit of everything."

What is it like working on a TV show?

"I've actually appeared on TV before – I did Top Of The Pops once, when it was about, but this is a completely different game. It's a lot of pressure, but I'm ready."

Have you bonded with the other contestants?

"I'm quite a contained person, and when there's a large group of people – as there was in the beginning – I tend to hold myself back and focus, I think. As we've been whittled down to less people, you obviously get to know them better. We're in a competition, but we all respect one another."

Are the judges as scary as they seem?

"It's scary being judged by anyone, even in a normal casting. But criticism can be great, and can actually make you a better person, if you use it in the right way."

What are your future plans?

"I'm quite a thinker, I think through things a lot before getting on with them. I've worked quite a lot over here, so maybe working abroad – America would be great. Dancing makes me happy."

Why did you enter this competition?

"My friends all said for me to go along. I was quite apprehensive at first, but I decided there was nothing to lose going along. I got a ticket to Choreography Camp from my first audition, so I figured it was the start of something good. It's well out of my comfort zone, doing all this... but it's an adventure for me."

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