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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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So You Think You Can Dance: Chloe Campbell

Chloe Campbell

Livewire tomboy who is always running on 100%.

Chloe attended Millennium Dance 2000 for three years and, in her third year, landed her first professional job as a dancer in On The Town for the English National Opera. After graduating she performed in Desperately Seeking Susan and Mary Poppins in London's West End, and the UK tour of Our House.

She spent eight months this year in New York training at the Broadway Dance Centre. While in New York she studied hip-hop by exploring the clubbing scene and picking up freestylers' moves, many of which she's brought back with her, along with a variety of other styles she's trained in over there.

Favourite song to dance to?

"I love house music – I don't even know the names of all the songs, but I love Afro-beat house music."

Greatest dancing fear?

"I'm flexible, but not as flexible as the other girls. So I don't have many 'shock factor' tricks. And ballroom is hard for me! I think it's because I'm a tomboy, things like the foxtrot are hard – it's hard to be elegant!"

Best physical feature?

"My smile."

Worst habit in dance?

"I hunch my shoulders and am always getting told off for this."

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

"I was performing in Mary Poppins when, in a reprise of Supercalerfragilisticexpialidocious, my braces came undone. My skirt fell to my ankles, so I picked it up, and ended up doing the whole number which was hand choreography – using my spare hand to hold up my costume – I was mortified."

How did you get into dance?

"I started at age seven. I loved dancing to music, I was a very energetic kid – it seemed a natural thing to do."

Where did you train?

"Millennium Performing Arts. Jackie Mitchell was my favourite teacher – we worked so hard for her."

What's your favourite type of dance?

"Musical theatre and jazz."

What is it like working on a TV show?

"Surreal! I'm not really used to this at all because I come from a musical theatre background. It's very different, and we get to do retakes – at least until we get to the live shows. I'm so excited about these, about getting to work with an array of choreographers. During choreography camp I got to work with Mark Baldwin and it was out of this world."

Are the judges as scary as they seem?

"Sometimes I'm terrified and other moments they're singing your praise. Nigel said it'd be tough love. I just need to remember I'm here because they like me and are pushing me to make me better."

What are your future plans?

"I come from musical theatre and love it. I really want to start playing roles. I'd love to be in a dance show too."

Why did you enter the competition?

"Because I've come back from time in New York so inspired. I do work a lot – I've been very fortunate to work, but feel like the underdog. I want this opportunity as a dancer. I've grown ten-fold during my trip in New York, where I studied for eight months. I want to show everybody what I've learned since I've been away."

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