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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The Day Of The Triffids: characters

Joely Richardson and Dougray Scott

Dr Bill Masen
An introspective scientist, Bill is our thoughtful Triffid expert, more at home with his Triffid research than social interaction. Bill grew up with the Triffids: his parents made the incredible discovery that they could provide oil. But it came at a cost: his mother was killed by a Triffid, leaving Bill all too aware how dangerous the plants really are.

Jo Playton
A radio journalist, Jo is a bright, sociable and irreverent woman who escapes the mass blinding because she is reporting on the event from the underground. Terrified by the chaos, Jo clings to Bill after their chance meeting. Jo becomes embroiled in Bill's desperate fight to prevent the plants reproducing, falling in love with him in the process.

A sinister and obsessive man who retains his sight after the solar flare and sees this as an opportunity to step into the power vacuum that has resulted in Downing Street. A stickler for rules and authority, when Bill and Jo are held captive by his new "army", Torrence becomes obsessed with Jo and plans to use her celebrity to draw more people to the cities who can fight for his cause. Determined to rule over the remaining sighted population, and keep the blind away from the centre of London, Torrence cannot foresee the approach of the Triffids towards the capital and soon comes to realise that he will need Bill's help to fight them off once and for all.

A former military man with liberal principles who strongly believes that the remaining sighted in the UK have a duty to support and care for those who have been blinded.

Dennis Masen
The estranged father of Bill, Dennis is the scientist who discovered the Triffids in Africa and exploited their commercial use. Bill seeks Dennis's help in stopping the plants from overrunning the country.

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