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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Inside Out: Age-progression photo of abducted six-year-old released

Nadia - and the age-enhanced image

A newly-released photo of Nadia Fawzi as she looks today, two years after she was abducted, will be shown tonight on the BBC's Inside Out programme for North West England.

Nadia, from Wigan, was abducted by her father, Fawzi Abuarghub, in 2007 and taken to Libya. Her mother Sarah has not seen her since.

The age progression photo shows Nadia as a six-year-old with a different hairstyle, more mature features and a front baby tooth missing.

The image was created at the request of Greater Manchester Police officers who are helping to support Nadia's mother and grandparents in their search.

Inside Out also has exclusive CCTV footage of the moment Fawzi took Nadia through security at Manchester Airport to a new life in Libya.

The footage shows Fawzi having a routine body search as the little girl looks on. A female security officer then comes over to Nadia before they collect their belongings.

Since her daughter's abduction, Sarah has left her job, sold her house and moved to Libya to find Nadia.

Nadia and her mother Sarah

The programme tells the heart-rending story of Sarah's fight to be reunited with her daughter, with her video diaries detailing her daily struggle.

Sarah shows viewers her room in Libya, with photos of Nadia, some of her toys and cards from her family reminding her of their support.

Sarah says: "I hope she doesn't forget me. I hope she knows that I'm here for her."

Despite her being awarded custody by the Libyan courts, Sarah still doesn't know where Nadia is.

Her ex-husband refuses to allow her to see their daughter. As a result, he was arrested and has been in custody for several months but still won't reveal Nadia's whereabouts.

Sarah says: "My main concern at the moment is where Nadia is. No-one seems to know where she is. She's not got her mummy with her and she's not got her daddy, he's in prison, so that's my main concern. And what is she being told?

"He (Fawzi) won't win, I'm certain of that. One day I will get Nadia back."

Grandparents Dave and Dot tell Inside Out what it's like to be separated from both their granddaughter and daughter.

Nadia's grandfather, Dave Taylor, says: "I'd sooner have a knife in my heart than this, I would honestly."

Inside Out also follows Nadia's grandparents as they meet their local MP, Andy Burnham. He and Prime Minister Gordon Brown are working with the Libyan authorities to help to find Nadia.

Now Dave and Dot will travel to Number Ten in the new year when they hope Gordon Brown will be able to convince Colonel Gaddafi to allow British officers to go to Libya and assist in the hunt for Nadia.

It is then hoped that their two-year wait will come to an end.

Notes to Editors

Use of the photograph or any information in this press release must credit: Inside Out, BBC One North West (7.30pm, 7 December).

Viewers outside the North West of England can see Inside Out on digital satellite and on BBC iPlayer.

Inside Out, Monday 7 December 2009, 7.30pm, BBC One North West


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