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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Devon Anderson makes a return to Walford playing Billie Jackson

Devon Anderson plays Billie Jackson

Next year BBC One's EastEnders will welcome back another familiar face to the Jackson family, Billie Jackson. Devon Anderson will once again play Billie, a character he first played when he was six years old.

As previously announced, Carol Jackson, played by Lindsey Coulson, returns to Walford early next year, as do three of her children, Robbie, Sonia and Billie.

Billie is Carol's youngest, the apple of her eye. But can this restless and troubled young man be the good family boy she dearly wants him to be?

Devon Anderson says: "I'm really happy to be back at EastEnders playing the role of Billie Jackson again. It was my first acting role and I can't wait to get started again. It is also very exciting that all of the Jackson family will be reunited and I'm sure that will be eventful for the viewers."

Diederick Santer, Executive Producer, adds: "Viewers will remember Devon as the original Billie Jackson, the cute kid with the big hair. Devon, like Billie, is all grown up, and 12 years on I'm delighted to welcome this talented young actor back to the show."

Notes to Editors

Devon Anderson last played Billie Jackson in December 1997 for a couple of episodes.


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