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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The Restaurant: JJ and James

JJ (left) and James (right)

JJ and James are from London.

Friends, housemates and business partners, the hugely ambitious pair boast a host of management and marketing credentials between them.

Currently co-owners of a cocktail bar in London, the two are hoping to expand into the culinary world with The Picnic Club – a picnic platter concept where diners would be invited to choose classic picnic snacks and grilled items, which are brought in hampers to their tables to create the "perfect picnic spread".

Front of house, James is Australian and met award-winning cocktail maker JJ 10 years ago on a rugby tour. They often throw dinner parties for friends and come from big families who are passionate about cooking.

JJ has successfully competed in various cocktail and bartending competitions.

Food will be classic style British food but the presentation will be Tapas and Thali in style – mini scotch eggs, corn on the cobs, pork pies, quiches, etc, with an extensive selection of home-made sauces available to accompany the dishes – such as apple and pear, red-wine gravy and fresh tomato chutney.

They want an extensive cocktail list including an ex-pat drinks menu with beverages dedicated to Britain's historical colonies.

"We've got confidence in the fact we're going to win this competition for sure. We don't take anything on unless we're going to go at it 100 per cent," says James.

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