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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The Restaurant: Janet and Sean

Janet and Sean

Janet and Sean are from Berkshire.

Partners in life and in business, Janet and Sean want to put their tried and tested skills and impeccable teamwork to a new venture.

The couple are hoping to incorporate Swedish cuisine into their menu (Janet lived in Sweden in the Eighties) with an emphasis on seasonality and an aim to update their menu regularly.

Their motto is "less choice and more quality".

Janet is a keen amateur cook. She strongly believes in seasonality in cooking and grows her own fruit and vegetables on an allotment, and in their garden she grows herbs and fruit.

Sean is the host with the most and a self-confessed born entertainer. Together, the happy couple host dinner parties most weekends, plus the occasional party for clients, creating and serving three-course dinners for upwards of 20 guests.

The couple's love and knowledge of all things floral will be a main feature within the interior décor and also in the food. Edible flowers are something Janet would like to incorporate into savoury and sweet dishes to give their restaurant extra panache.

"It has been a dream for many years now to have our own restaurant. At this stage in our lives this would be such a huge step up on the ladder," says Janet.

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