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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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The Restaurant: Daisy and Nadine

Daisy (right) and Nadine (left)

Daisy and Nadine are from Herefordshire and London.

Best friends since secondary school, Daisy and Nadine share a passion for food and a dream of running a restaurant together.

Although not Nigerian themselves they would like to open a rustic Nigerian restaurant called D'Soirée and with their motto, "greatness achieved through excellence", they want every customer to leave with a smile on their face!

Daisy, who currently works for TFL (Transport for London), was taught by her mum, who has been cooking "forever". She's a voracious dinner party host with a diploma in Events Management and is currently studying for a Level 2 Professional Cooking certificate.

Meanwhile, coping with all the trials and tribulations as a midwife means nothing should be able to faze Nadine which, combined with her bubbly, vivacious personality, should ensure front-of-house success.

For both, running a profit-making restaurant should be a cinch with their strong business credentials.

On the menu would be classic Nigerian dishes such as okra soup, pounded yam, jollof rice and fish with plantain. They want to emphasise their colourful choice of cuisine with unusual meat dishes peppering their menu including guinea fowl, goat meat and duck.

"My main aim is to put Nigerian food on the map – to capture the true taste of Nigeria," says Daisy.

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