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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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The Restaurant: Natalie and Sandy

Natalie (left) and Sandy (right)

Natalie and Sandy are from Yorkshire. Mother and daughter have worked side-by-side in the kitchen at home and feel this will translate well in to a working environment.

Their dream is to serve English-Indian fusion food celebrating the Forties and the Days of the Raj, called Missy BaBa, after Sandy's nickname. Dishes would incorporate the colonial clash of cultures that came together during that time from the English, Irish, Indian, Goan, Mauritian and Burmese.

Natalie has 12 years experience in sales and marketing in luxury four star or above hotels – as well as being a qualified interior designer.

Missy Baba's would have forties style mirrors, chandeliers and ornaments adorning the interior.

Sandy says she is a "natural host" and as part of her day-to-day work as a bank manager she regularly deals with difficult customers. Working front of house does not faze her.

A daily special will be on offer, with signature dishes such as Missy BaBa's chicken feast and saffron rice, pan seared shrimps with fresh chilli and steamed mussels with cream and lemon glass. Desserts are important to the girls – a patisserie-style display cabinet tempting diners with fresh pastries will be set-up near the entrance.

"We see it as a great challenge and a great opportunity. We're in it to win it," says Sandy.

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