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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Inside Out North West: child killer's son campaigns for more help for families of criminals

The son of a convicted child killer is calling for more help and support for the families of murderers.

Nick Castree, whose father Ron abducted and murdered 11-year-old Rochdale schoolgirl Lesley Moleseed in 1975, has told BBC One's Inside Out North West of his campaign to gain a better understanding for the families of criminals.

His campaign has been spurred on not only by his own experience but also by that of Bobbie Louise Wilkinson, whose father is convicted killer Levi Bellfield. Bellfield is serving three life sentences for abduction and murder.

Inside Out North West follows Nick as he meets Bobbie Louise and hears how she was bullied at school and tried to commit suicide because of her father's actions.

She tells Nick: "No-one's helped us, we're just forgotten about, no-one thought about us, we just had to do it ourselves."

Appalled by her lack of support, Nick, who grew up in Oldham and now lives in Rawtenstall, is calling for more help for what he describes as the "silent victims".

Nick, who himself has contemplated suicide, says: "Everybody who has to help the police no matter what it may be, no matter which side of the family you are, you should be offered counselling. You should be able to access it; it shouldn't be something you have to fund yourself.

"I can't right my dad's wrongs; I can't change what he's done. I can't put any of that right. I'm using what's happened to me as a foundation to help other people otherwise what's it all been for?"

Nick's interview will be shown on BBC One, Inside Out in the North West, on Monday 19 October at 7.30pm.

Viewers outside the North West can see it on digital channel 978 or on BBC iPlayer at

Notes to Editors

If charges are brought against Bellfield in connection with another case the programme is unlikely to be broadcast.

Prior to publishing/broadcasting please check the status of the case in relation to charges brought/court proceedings pending.

Information contained in this press release, including quotes, which you use in your publication, online or for broadcast, require a credit for Inside Out North West, BBC One, Monday, 19 October at 7.30pm.


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