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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Jonathan Ross welcomes Chris Evans

Chris Evans on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (image: BBC/Hot Sauce)

Chris EvansBBC Radio 2's new breakfast host – joins Jonathan Ross for this week's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross on BBC One.

In an extraordinarily candid interview Chris says he can't wait to take over from Terry Wogan and won't fail: "There was no fear, I said yes straightaway. What happened at Radio 1 will never happen again, I will never get to that point."

He says he was out of control at Radio 1: "I was so messed up, I was crazy.

"I've always been tricky to work with, but I stopped delivering, I'd run out of ideas... I lost control of the whole situation.

"Someone should have come up and said you're out of order... [but] I can't blame anyone."

He said he had no qualms about borrowing £85m and playing hard: "It wasn't a gamble, I was living my dream... I just forgot where I was, we were rock 'n' roll, I thought we were real."

But Chris Evans says he is nervous at being back on TV: "I never thought I'd do anything like this again, I was nervous about coming on in case I got crazy."

Boy band JLS are also among the show's guests. They reveal they've lost their MOBO awards and confirm their tour in 2010.

A Hotsauce TV production.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, Friday 9 October 2009, BBC One

Notes to Editors

These quotes are taken verbatim from a studio recording and may not necessarily reflect the content of the final transmitted version of the programme.


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