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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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BBC News announces Money Matters Roadshow in Glasgow

BBC News today announces a Money Matters Roadshow in Glasgow, bringing together the weight of the BBC's financial journalists with a team of experts, advisers and financial planners to help our audiences navigate the recession and make more informed decisions about their finances.

On Wednesday 14 October, TV, radio and online teams will join forces with a team of financial experts, this time at the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow, to explain directly to our audiences how the financial situation is developing across the country and give people the chance to find out answers on the issues that matter to them.

As well as hearing what is on the minds of our audiences, the roadshows will take in a wide variety of issues including tax, benefits, credit and debt, redundancy and pensions with experts on hand to offer practical tips and guidance. There'll also be people on hand to discuss mortgages, student finances and small businesses.

The BBC will be broadcasting live throughout the day across BBC TV, radio and online. This includes coverage on BBC Breakfast, Reporting Scotland, the BBC News Channel and BBC Radio 5 Live.

There will be a special hour-long edition of BBC Two's Working Lunch at 1.30pm, BBC Radio 4's You & Yours will be on air at midday, and Moneybox Live will be broadcasting at 3.00pm.

Working Lunch presenter Declan Curry says: "People are crying out for impartial information and advice in these tough times, and we're delighted to help by bringing some of the best guests that appear on our programmes around the country."

The roadshow is one of a series being planned across the country as the BBC helps audiences to understand what the latest developments will mean for them.

The first of these roadshows was held in Manchester in February, when the economy officially entered recession. A team of financial advisors were overwhelmed when hundreds of people descended on the Trafford Centre in Manchester. During the day, around 500 people managed to speak with one of the advisors about their money worries. Afterwards the BBC was inundated with people wanting to know when and where the next roadshow would be.

Working Lunch editor Tracey Hobbs, who is responsible for overseeing the roadshow, said: "By far and away the most popular issue was 'what on earth do I do with my savings?' There was a real feeling of bunkering down and surviving – people wanted safety for their money above anything else. The event proved a great barometer on which to take the economic temperature with the public, and get a sense of how the global downturn was impacting on household budgets."

Since February unemployment has risen, interest rates have remained stubbornly low for savers, and despite a few more products coming on to the mortgage market many are still finding it extremely tough to borrow.

Tracey added: "It will be very interesting to see how money priorities have changed, and what's on the minds of the people in Glasgow. Events like this help us tailor our future output, giving our audiences across radio, TV and online the information they need to help manage their money."

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