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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Defying Gravity: episode 1 & 2 synopses

Zahf Paroo as Ajay Sharma

Episode 1

Only hours from leaving Earth's orbit for Venus and a six-year inter-planetary sojourn aboard the spaceship Antares, two of the eight novice astronauts onboard mysteriously develop heart ailments.

For ship's engineer Ajay (Zahf Paroo) and Rollie (Ty Olssen) it means a premature return to Earth, and replacement by Donner (Ron Livingston), an experienced astronaut who lives under the shadow of a previous mission during which he was forced to abandon two people on Mars, and Ted (Malik Yoba) who will have to leave behind his wife, Eve, (Karen LeBlanc) at Mission Control.

Donner's arrival disturbs beautiful young astronaut Zoe (Laura Harris) who is linked to him by a strange dream and a romantic encounter from their early training days, but delights the sensual Nadia (Florentine Lahme) who has strictly carnal intentions.

Although nearly every facet of life on the Antares is broadcast to avid viewers on Earth by documentarian Paula (Paula Garces), there is also a hidden force that appears to be controlling events from within the spacecraft.

While Zoe tries to locate the source of a baby's cry, audible only to her, Ajay is devastated at his impending departure from the ship and ejects himself into space.

Fighting against time and ignoring orders from Mission Control, Donner rescues Ajay in a courageous act of redemption and profound spiritual significance.

With the real purpose of the mission known only to flight director Mike Goss (Andrew Airlie), and a select few, the Antares finally leaves Earth's orbit for the immensity of interstellar space.

Episode 2

With the Antares en-route to Venus, the crew finds that some past choices, combined with an unknown element in the ship's mysterious Storage Pod 4, lead to a complex web of dreams, desires and illusions that result in a life-threatening crisis.

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