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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Inside Life – Tigers



Agent – Scarlett
Age – 12
Destination – Bandhavgarh, India
Mission – Record the sound of tigers in the wild

Getting up close and personal is a must to capture the stunning sound of tigers that the Life team require. Scarlett has never been abroad let alone come face to face with wild tigers. Her mission to India includes recording the alarm call sound of the animals that share the forest with these predators.

How has your experience reporting for Inside Life changed you?
When I found out about the mission in India, I was a bit dumbstruck because it came out of nowhere and I couldn't believe it was going to happen to me. The whole experience has made me more independent, self confident and aware of how different our worlds are – India is a very interesting and very hot country!

What was your scariest moment?
The scariest moment was definitely coming across a giant bull elephant when we were trying to film the tigers. I am frightened to death of elephants and they are so huge in real life you just don't think they are going to be that big so when I saw it my heart kind of froze.

What was your most exciting moment?
There were a few really exciting moments, flying in a plane for the first time, seeing my first tiger up close, out and about in the wild, and seeing the Taj Mahal, it truly is one of the wonders of the world.

Tell us the most interesting fact you learnt?
Tigers are even more beautiful in the wild than in captivity and soon no one will be able to see them like this if we keep taking away their habitat.

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