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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Inside Life – Garter Snakes


Garter Snakes

Agent – Matt
AKA – Matty
Age – 14
Destination – Manitoba, Canada
Mission – Film mass emergence of snakes with a thermal camera

Reptile-mad Matt is sent on a mission to investigate how the RAF use thermal cameras to find people and animals, what he doesn't know is that his knew found skills will be put to the test. Every year, deep in the heart of Canada, thousands of snakes come wriggling out of their dens and Matt's new skills will be used to reveal some unusual cold blooded garter snake behaviour.

How has your experience reporting for Inside Life changed you?
Since I've come back from Canada I feel like a different person, I'm much more confident at doing things than I was, and I want to take part in things much more as well. I've been on holiday to Portugal where I have been looking at lizards and snakes and following their tracks in the sand.

What was your scariest moment?
There were no scary moments, just enjoyable and exciting ones, that make the adrenalin pump through your veins and makes you want to do it again and again.

What was your most exciting moment?
There were loads of exciting moments but the best were handling the red sided garter snakes, going up in the helicopter and walking around the zoo in Canada looking at all the different animals, especially the ones I hadn't seen or heard of before.

Tell us the most interesting fact you learnt?
One of the most interesting things I saw was the red sided garter snakes side-winding on the snow, another interesting thing was the thermal imaging camera and how it picked up the smallest amount of heat through the undergrowth. The white buffalo was another interesting sight and I enjoyed the story about its history.

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