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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Jonathan Ross returns to Friday nights with Jamie Oliver, Stuart Broad, Ricky Gervais and Mika

Jamie Oliver on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (image: BBC/Hot Sauce)

Jonathan Ross welcomes Jamie Oliver, Stuart Broad, Ricky Gervais and Mika as Friday Night With Jonathan Ross returns tonight on BBC One after its summer break.

Jamie Oliver condemns Gordon Brown's kitchen at the G20 banquet: "They've got the worst kitchens in England at Number 10; terrible. Wandsworth Prison has better gear than Downing Street!"

He says he wants to cook for the Obamas: "I got asked by Michelle Obama to go out and see them, I was washing-up, maybe one day I'll cook for them."

And he tells Jonathan he blindfolds his daughter, Daisy, to test her on the 25 herbs in their garden.

Jamie also confirms he wants to appear on BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are? to explore his Sudanese roots.

Stuart Broad on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (image: BBC/Hot Sauce)

Ashes hero Stuart Broad reveals the celebration party was all a blur: "I woke up next day still in my whites."

He says he hero worships Freddie Flintoff: "He knows how to enjoy himself."

And says England are on a winning streak: "We'll definitely win the Ashes again – make the Aussies fear us."

Stuart also says England players are kept in a news black-out: "The media build things up... we focus on what's important, we don't have the papers because it can't do us any good."

Ricky Gervais on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (image: BBC/Hot Sauce)

Ricky Gervais says success was an accident: "I was the least ambitious man ever and now I've become a workaholic. I started late and now I feel guilty."

He says Cemetery Junction, his first film with Stephen Merchant, is "our Saturday Night Fever".

And he refuses to film sex scenes: "I'd be horrified."

Tonight's show also features music from Mika.

A Hotsauce TV production.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, Friday 4 September 2009, BBC One

Notes to Editors

These quotes are taken verbatim from a studio recording and may not necessarily reflect the content of the final transmitted version of the programme.


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