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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Daytime announces raft of new commissions and recommission of Ready Steady Cook

Liam Keelan, Controller of BBC Daytime, today announces a raft of new commissions for BBC Daytime and the recommission of Ready Steady Cook.

Daytime announces two brand new current affairs series tackling the issues the nation cares about on BBC One.

Fake Britain, hosted by Dom Littlewood (Don't Get Done Get Dom), explores the multi-million-pound counterfeit business in the UK and The Food Fighters, fronted by Simon Rimmer (Something For The Weekend), uncovers the unsavoury secrets behind the food we eat.

BBC Daytime also continues its commitment to factual entertainment over on BBC Two.

Instant Restaurant, presented by Nadia Sawalha (Eating In The Sun), focuses on the talents of amateur cooks as they turn their living rooms into a restaurant for just one day – serving up everything from good old-fashioned British grub to more exotic fare.

Escape In Time sees hopefuls escape the modern world and spend a week on a Victorian farm rediscovering the practical skills and self-sufficiency of our grandparents.

BBC Two Daytime also announces a new series of Ready Steady Cook, presented by Ainsley Harriott, back for a record-breaking 21st series.

Liam Keelan says: "Simon Rimmer and Dom Littlewood are the perfect hosts for our brand new consumer series on BBC One, which continue our history of producing strong issues-led programming.

"And, over on BBC Two, I'm delighted to announce these two new entertaining factual programmes and the recommission of Ready Steady Cook."

Fake Britain looks at the forgeries and fakes on the High Street. In times of recession everyone seems to be looking for a deal, but how do we know if our latest purchase really is the bargain it says it is?

Dom Littlewood presents this five-part consumer series from a seemingly ordinary house, except everything is not as it appears – the house is crammed full with counterfeit goods, phoney medicines and even fake food.

Dom sets out to investigate consumer crime and uncover the tactics criminals use to con the British public.

Each programme will look at the individuals intent on supplying fake goods, the victims duped into believing they've bought the genuine article and the law enforcement agencies set up to combat what is a massive multi-million-pound business surrounding counterfeit goods.

And experts will be on hand to advise on how to avoid becoming another statistic of Fake Britain.

Fake Britain is a five x 45-minute series due for transmission in winter 2009/10 aimed at arming consumers with the facts to make an informed choice. It is made by Screenchannel Ltd and the executive producer is Emma Barker and Gerard Melling for the BBC.

The Food Fighters, presented by Simon Rimmer, follows Government and food agencies set up to monitor Britain's food chain, to make certain that the food we eat is safe.

From Environmental Health inspectors, who clamp down on dodgy takeaways and revolting restaurants, to the Trading Standards officers, who track down the source of contaminated foodstuffs and try to find out who has bought them, The Food Fighters focuses on the all key agencies which are there to protect our food.

Simon reveals some of the ingredients that make up Britain's food and offers surprising insights into what we are putting into our mouths with some stomach-churning results.

The Food Fighters also unearths the facts and figures behind sell-by dates and labelling in a bid to help consumers get behind the jargon.

The Food Fighters is a 10 x 45-minute series being made by True North for BBC One Daytime. Executive produced by Tracy Forsyth for the BBC, and Jess Fowle and Andrew Sheldon for True North, the series will transmit in winter 2009/10.

Over on BBC Two, Instant Restaurant, presented by Nadia Sawalha, focuses on the talents of amateur cooks serving up everything from good old-fashioned British grub to more exotic fare, taking us into homes which celebrate the diversity of the UK.

In each show, two households will go head to head to see who can make the most profit with a three-course menu to impress their guests, served up in the perfect ambience of the restaurant they create for one night only in their homes.

Instant Restaurant is a 20 x 45-minute RDF Television West production for BBC Two Daytime. The BBC executive producer is Gerard Melling. The RDF executive producer is Mark Hill and the series editor is Jane Lomas. Transmission is winter 2009/10.

The team behind the TV series Victorian Farm are back with a new BBC Two Daytime series, Escape In Time. Each week different families will have the chance to live on the estate where the Victorian Farm series was filmed in Shropshire.

Here they will rediscover the practical skills and self-sufficiency that our grandparents had, but which we have lost, whilst competing against each other mastering tasks and crafts from the Victorian age.

Families will have the chance to work together learning new skills from ploughing fields and weaving baskets to making bread and brewing beer.

Escape In Time is a 20 x 45-minute production due to transmit in winter 2009/10. It is a Lion TV production for BBC Two Daytime and the BBC executive producer is Tracy Forsyth.

Finally, the team behind Ready Steady Cook are back with a new series.

The recommission sees the 21st series of the programme being filmed, making it the longest running cookery programme on British TV.

Ainsley Harriott returns to present the new series, which will be filmed in HD to make the food look tastier than ever.

Ready Steady Cook is a 35 x 45-minute series made by Cheetah Television, an Endemol company, for BBC Two Daytime and the BBC executive producer is Lindsay Bradbury. Annette Clarke is the executive producer and Jeremy Cross the series producer for Cheetah.


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