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Friday 11 Jul 2014

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Radio Northampton: The Big Scoop

BBC Radio Northampton drivetime presenters Richard Savage and Annabel Amos are waging war on dog mess with their campaign The Big Scoop launching today.

Five thousand biodegradable poop scoop bags bearing the two presenters' faces have been made for the occasion.

And the duo will be identifying the dog mess hotspots around the county and handing out the bags to encourage owners to clean up after their dogs.

"Have you ever got home and wondered what that disgusting smell is, only to realise you've got pooh all over your flip flop," asks Annabel, "well we have, countless times – and who hasn't? It's a modern day curse in town and country. And who's to blame? Lazy dog owners who don't bother to scoop their pooch's poop."

Tune into Richard and Annabel on drivetime, weekdays 4.00-6.00pm, on BBC Radio Northampton, 104.2 and 103.6 FM.

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