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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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CBBC's new musical comedy My Almost Famous Family: Rachel Brady is Martha

Rachel Brady in My Almost Famous Family

Rachel Brady, eight, makes her acting debut as baby of the family Martha.

"I hadn't done any acting before, this was my very first time," reveals Rachel, who loves English and science at school. "I'd always wanted to act."

So how did Rachel get the part of Martha, who is deaf?

"My sign language teacher told me about it, so I sent off a DVD audition – and they chose me," explains Rachel. "Then I went and did an audition, which was quite scary, and they chose me again!"

So what's Martha like?

"Martha is the one who sorts out all the problems," giggles Rachel.

"She's funny and sometimes bosses the others around. I would like to be like her as she's fantastic! I got to wear very nice clothes as Martha – if there's a party she has to wear something pink and purple. I got to keep some of the clothes too!"

Martha is deaf and Rachel has been able to sign for years as both her parents are deaf, and she attends a school which has a unit for a number of deaf children who are integrated into the school.

"I learnt to do sign language when I was very little. It was quite hard at first, but then it got easier," she reveals. "In the end me and the signing teacher had to teach all of the cast how to sign."

As the youngest member of the cast was Rachel seen as the baby on set?

"The other cast members looked after me – I can't really choose a favourite cast member as all of them are my best, best friends. Even the boys are really nice."

What was Rachel's favourite thing about being in a TV show?

"The best thing I'd have to say is getting to meet new people," says Rachel."My favourite storyline would be when I had to do karate. Hadley thinks he's stronger than Martha so I had to learn it and karate chop him!"

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