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Sunday 20 Apr 2014

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CBBC's new musical comedy My Almost Famous Family: Angus Harrison is Hadley

Angus Harrison in My Almost Famous Family

After appearing in M.I. High, Skins and Genie In The House, Angus Harrison, 17, powerslides onto our screens as singer Hadley Swann.

"Hadley would like to think that he is the bad boy of rock and that he's the hardest celebrity there is, but in reality he's so far from it," explains Angus.

"He's incredibly paranoid and is always checking himself in the mirror. His mum's constantly looking after him and his dad tucks him into bed each night.

"He's got far too much going on his head at once. He's trying to keep up with this celebrity persona, when all he really wants to do is sit in his room and fold up his socks!"

It must have been challenging to play such a complicated, comedy character?

"He's been great fun to play. He's one of those teenagers that's ridiculously complex," reveals Angus.

"In terms of his panicking around girls, it was just a case of drawing on my own experience of embarrassing encounters around girls when I was younger. I've managed to relax a little bit now though!"

Viewers could soon see Angus heading up the charts himself one day.

"I'm in a band called New York Minute with my mates," he says.

"We're only just getting off of the ground – this is our summer of dipping our toes in the water, so we're playing acoustic gigs in pubs. I'm not sure about being a pop star though!"

What has been Angus's favourite moment from filming?

"If I'm being really slushy I'd say the cast and crew. I've never come out of a shoot with so many friends before," reveals Angus.

"On most shoots there's a lot of nice people but there will be the odd person you think is grumpy, but on this shoot we genuinely can't name a single person we haven't liked."

What about his favourite musical number?

"I hate to be egotistical but it's my rap," laughs Angus.

"I'm six foot two, quite skinny and ginger, so I'm not the archetypal rapper. When I had to record it, I asked if they were sure about me rapping but they told me to go for it – so I literally went absolutely berserk! I think it's pretty intense."

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