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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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CBBC's new musical comedy My Almost Famous Family: Alice Henley is Annabelle

Alice Henley in My Almost Famous Family

"I feel sorry for her," explains Alice Henley of her character, the bitchy Annabelle.

"She's misunderstood. Annabelle hasn't really had a typical upbringing, she's been in the spotlight from a very young age and the relationship she has with her mother is more professional than personal.

"So she hasn't got a solid grounding – she's not used to genuine love or friendship.

"She comes across as a tough cookie, you definitely don't mess with Annabelle, but I think beneath all that hard exterior is actually someone who wants to be loved. She has some nasty moments but it's all a defence mechanism.

"I think she's going to be a character you love to hate."

Was it fun for Alice to play the mean girl?

"It was so much fun. For one of my scenes I actually got to trash my dressing room!" reveals Alice.

"We broke vases, I swept everything off of the dressing table – it's things that you could never, ever do in real life, but you can do as a baddie. Annabelle's one of my favourite characters I've ever played as she's so ridiculous."

What about Annabelle's outfits – how did Alice feel about wearing her crazy clothes?

"Everything's pink! She just never quite gets it right and proves money can't buy taste. Sometimes she looks like a Barbie doll has thrown up on her," laughs Alice. "It was very funny to wear though."

Annabelle hosts her own TV show, The Totally Annabelle Show, so what's that all about?

"Well, it reminds me of a Jonathan Ross kind of set up," explains Alice.

"We have guests on the show and at the end there's a song which the Swann family perform. The set is fabulous – Annabelle has a big pink chair, which we call the throne. She's had David Beckham on the show, so it's very popular."

Will we be hearing Alice sing in the show?

"There is one episode where Annabelle sings and I'm not going to comment on it! In real life I never, ever sing, for reasons you'll see when the episode comes out," reveals Alice.

"Let's just say I'm well aware of my musical limitations!"

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