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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Land Girls: synopses

Christine Bottomley, Becci Gemmell, Jo Woodcock and Summer Strallen in Land Girls

Episode One: Childhood's End

When Joyce, Nancy, Annie and Bea join the Women's Land Army (WLA), they soon discover that their decision to serve their country will change their lives for ever.

The four girls each have their own reasons for signing up – patriotic Joyce (Becci Gemmell) wants to 'do her bit', argumentative Nancy (Summer Strallen) is there under sufferance, and sensible Annie (Christine Bottomley) joined so that her younger sister Bea (Jo Woodcock) could escape an abusive father.

On their arrival at Helmstead, Joyce and Nancy face a terrifying ordeal on their way to the farm. Saved by the unstable Sergeant Tucker (Danny Webb), the girls are taken to the Manor House – where they meet Lord and Lady Hoxley (Nathaniel Parker and Sophie Ward).

For Nancy and Lawrence Hoxley, there is the instant spark of attraction. But will either act upon it? Meanwhile, with naive Bea flirting with everyone, Annie wants her to tone down her behaviour – after all, they can't risk being sent home, can they?

Instead, Bea finds a new challenge when she tries to stop the segregation of black troops by the US Army. For Annie, it is the final straw and she forbids Bea to attend a forthcoming dance at the Manor House.

With Nancy refusing to share bath water with the other girls, she sneaks to the Manor House for a luxury soak. She hadn't bargained on Lord Hoxley bursting into the bathroom though…

As Bea rebels from her sister's control, she finds herself instead enthralled by a charming GI, Cal Gillespie (Christian Brassington). When Cal learns of Bea's plans to get black soldiers to attend the dance, he makes his own secret plans to stop it.

At the dance, while Nancy tries to get closer to Lord Hoxley, the black soldiers are ejected from the room. Someone tipped off the authorities, but who? Surely, it wasn't the charming Cal Gillespie?

Cal preys on Bea's emotional state and gets her drunk – with shocking results that may get Bea sent back to the nightmare of her abusive father…

Details of other episodes will be published in BBC Network TV Programme Information.

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