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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Material Girl: episode one

Paris's hectic Fashion Week has kicked off and backstage at the Davina Bailey show the stress levels are starting to peak when a creative flare-up between Ali and Davina triggers Ali to make the rash decision of walking out, leaving a furious Davina in her wake.

As the weight of her actions sinks in, Ali is thrown a life-line by revered fashion critic Mitchell Crompton – he promises her a fantastic job in return for a sexual favour. Disgusted, Ali rebuffs him, making herself yet another powerful enemy...

Back in the UK, as Ali searches for a new job, doors are closed in her face. No-one wants to go near her for fear of upsetting Mitchell Crompton.

When retiring from the profession seems to be the only option, Marco, an entrepreneur, offers her the exciting opportunity to design under her own label.

But aware of his unscrupulous nature, and warned off him by friends Alex, Mimi and Lydia, Ali is initially cautious until a sneer from Davina prompts her into signing up with him.

The following day, Ali and Marco find a studio but it's not long before they clash over which celebrity to dress at the upcoming BAFTA awards ceremony. Marco wants to dress the star of a nominated film for optimum publicity whereas Ali would rather dress the true heroine behind the film – she doesn't want to just emulate Davina and design only for the stars, but wants to make an ordinary person like soldier Lynn Jones feel wonderful.

Marco deftly recruits the actress and Ali acquiesces, seeing it for the great opportunity it is. However, at the 11th hour, they lose their actress to Davina.

Ali is gutted but Marco surprises her by getting the true heroine onto the red carpet wearing a knock-out Ali Redcliffe dress, which doesn't go unnoticed by the waiting press. Ali finally relaxes into her business relationship with Marco.

Meanwhile, Ali meets gorgeous Chris. Keen to pursue a relationship with Ali, Chris is disappointed when he's given the brush off so she can concentrate on her work.

But when Ali has her first taste of business success, she feels ready to take a chance with Chris.

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