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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Capita wins BBC Audience Service contact

The BBC has today re-appointed Capita as the service partner that will deliver the Corporation's Audience Services following a competitive tender.

The BBC's existing agreement with Capita, which began in 1999, expires in late 2009 and the contract was put out to tender in October 2008.

The company was selected by the BBC after an EU-regulated procurement process with 38 companies initially applying for the contract.

After a rigorous evaluation process, Capita scored highest balancing quality and cost and helping the BBC to fulfil its commitment to value for money and increasing audience accessibility via the web.

The new contract will commence in January 2010 and will run up to March 2019.

The contract is central to the corporation's relationship with Licence Fee payers as Audience Services is responsible for handling all complaints, comments and enquiries that the BBC receives via phone calls, emails, SMS and letters.

The BBC approved the selection of Capita as the bid which scored highest on providing a quality service to the audience as well as fulfilling the BBC's commitment to value for money and increasing audience accessibility via the web.

Capita also organises Action Lines for issue-related programmes and provides audiences and ticketing for shows, events and tours of BBC buildings across the country.

Additionally it provides daily feedback to the BBC from the audience about how they are reacting to programmes – a role at the editorial heart of the corporation.

Sharon Baylay, Director, BBC Marketing, Communications & Audiences, says: "Audiences are at the heart of everything we do, it is their feedback that ensures the BBC is always learning and improving, and this new contract will further develop and build on what is already a good service.

"Audience Services reaches up to two million people a year and, from next year, the contract will deliver better access – by web and phone – for people to receive help, make a comment or complaint or to book a ticket to a show or event."

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