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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Swahili names country winners of young entrepreneur competition

BBC Swahili has named six finalists of the Faidika na BBC (Prosper with the BBC) young entrepreneur competition.

Aspiring business people who have won the country heats in Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda will compete in a live broadcast in Mombasa, Kenya on Thursday 13 August.

Ciza Bone, from Burundi; Nyota Kikukama Angelique, from DRC; Jane Mueni, from Kenya; Hakizimana Aladin, from Rwanda; Mbarak Juma, from Tanzania; and Gakuo Roy, from Uganda have each demonstrated innovative ideas on how to start, with US $5,000, a successful business that will have a positive impact on their community.

They have been selected from more than 10,000 young entrants from Swahili-speaking territories (a record for the competition), each of whom submitted their proposals for the contest.

Ciza Bone is optimistic: "I think good luck is coming my way."

Nyota Kikukama Angelique is sure of winning the final: "To me the finals will be a walk in the park."

Jane Mueni is full of confidence, too: "Wow, Faidika is coming home."

However, Mbarak Juma doesn't take competition so lightly: "Walk in the park? What a joke."

Gakuo Roy, too, anticipates a tough contest: "This is just the beginning."

The emotions of all the finalists of Faidika na BBC 2009 are best summed by Hakizimana Aladin, who said: "I'm ecstatic."

The Faidika na BBC project manager, BBC Swahili producer, Salim Kikeke, says: "There's so much enthusiasm, we'll surely see fireworks at the finals in Mombasa."

The winner will be awarded the Faidika na BBC trophy and receive US$5,000 to help realise his or her business idea.

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