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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Freefall: interview with Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding and Dominic Cooper

Sarah Harding plays Sam, Dave's glamorous other-half. He may have picked her for her looks, but Sam is much more than just a trophy girlfriend and Dave crosses her at his peril.

Sarah explains: "Sam is a beautician, very feisty and ambitious. She knows exactly what she wants out of life and when she wants it. Dave is on the receiving end of this and gets kicked into touch when she realises he's a wrong 'un!"

Although best known as a hugely successful pop star with Girls Aloud, Sarah has done some acting before. She appeared in crime thriller Bad Day, as well as enjoying a cameo role in the recent St Trinian's film. Keen to flex her acting talents further, Sarah jumped at the chance to be a part of Freefall.

"Singing was always my main ambition, but acting was something else I wanted to achieve. I was really flattered that Dominic Savage wanted me in the film. I screen-tested for him and I was really made-up when they wanted me.

"One of the main reasons I wanted to do Freefall was that it's a complete contrast to what people see of me from being in the band. It's a gritty role and a gritty film."

Far from being daunted by Savage's distinctive sense of realism, Sarah embraced the process, calling on real-life experiences to bring the character of Sam to life.

"Working with Dominic Savage was an amazing experience. You don't have a full script to follow so you're more or less improvising and he tells you what he wants out of the scene."

"I studied hair and beauty at college and I've worked in salons, so improvising was easy. I'm playing a role that I could have ended up playing for real."

Sarah enjoyed her time on the Freefall set and is unequivocal about her future as an actress as well as a singer.

"I really enjoyed doing it. The team of people I worked with from make-up to costume were great – almost like a little family. Freefall showcases what I can do, and for Dominic Savage to have faith in me must mean something! I hope my acting career will go from strength to strength and I'd love to work with Dominic again."

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