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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Yes It's The Ashes on Radio 5 Live

Comedian and certifiable cricket nut Andy Zaltzman gives his unique take on the titanic cricket battle commencing this summer in Yes It's The Ashes on BBC Radio 5 Live on Saturdays at 11.00am throughout the Ashes series.

Zaltzman, a rising star of British comedy, is a veteran of the Edinburgh Festival and comedy venues across the nation and has graced BBC Radio 4's Political Animal show.

Zaltzman commented: "I can't think of a better time to be doing a series about the 2009 Ashes than in July and August 2009. Nor a better place to be doing it than Radio 5 Live. The show will be packed with jokes and cover every conceivable angle of England's attempt to regain the urn which they so unluckily lost 5-0 in 2006-07. I guarantee there will never have been a 2009 Ashes show like it."

Yes It's The Ashes brings some of the liveliest comic voices in the business together to dissect (amusingly, obviously) the key issues of the summer: how good is Freddie's alarm clock? Will number 10 need to invest in a Portaloo? And will Billy Bowden's interestingly-shaped finger wag for England?

On the first show:

Stella Street and Dead Ringers impressionist Phil Cornwell
Aussie comic Justin Hamilton
Studio regular, cricket mad, former medic, Paul Sinha.

Notes to Editors

For interviews with Andy Zalzman call Radio 5 Live publicity.


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