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Tuesday 16 Sep 2014

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The Adult Season – real stories from the frontline of adulthood: introduction

Pregnancy – My Big Decision

BBC Three explores what it is like to be young and growing up in Britain in 2009 in a new season of programmes. The Adult Season takes a snapshot of young Britain, capturing the essence of what life is like as a young person in society today and follows the stories of teenagers at the frontline of becoming adults.

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Three, said: "This Season aims to explore the boundaries between being an adult and a child, and how these appear to be changing in Britain today. We want to start a conversation with our audience about the age of adult responsibility – and the dangers of growing up too fast."

Leading the season is My Big Decision, a five-part documentary series following teenage girls on the cusp of womanhood, facing very adult situations and decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

But as the girls set off for a five-day voyage of self discovery and fact finding, they are not alone – their mums and nans go with them.

The Adult Season also features a series of one-off documentaries that will challenge mainstream stereotypes and prompt viewers to question their preconceptions and examine what's important in their own lives.

These include three films – Home Alone, Please Let Me Grow Up (working title) and Trapped In My Own Home (working title) – from three new directors developed through BBC Three's New Talent strand, Fresh.

BBC Three's Adult Season is on TV and online at


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