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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Show Me Show Me – introduction

Show Me Show Me

Popular presenters Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee are asking their young fans to pick up their toys and come to play in a playroom high in the sky when they return to CBeebies with their enchanting new show, Show Me Show Me.

From Monday 6 July, with games, songs, stories and adventures, Chris and Pui will fire young viewers' imaginations and encourage them to play along at home. At the very top of a 10-storey tower block, Chris and Pui await in a beautiful, bright new playroom.

All viewers need to do for a magical play date is enter the lift, press the button, count the floors from one to ten and begin a musical journey to the top floor. There they'll find a place alive with vibrant colours and amazing decor, twinkling fairy lights, mysterious tunnels, a gigantic tea cup and a magical green tree. It's a very special place for stories, adventures and discovering the world – and who knows who will be next to arrive in the lift!

But what sort of playroom would it be without any toys? Chris and Pui's playful pals include Mo Mo Bot the robot, Stuffy the squishy cube, Toddler Tom the felt doll, little knitted Miss Mouse and Teddington the (you’ve guessed it) teddy bear – all waiting to play with viewers in the playroom and go out to explore the real world in a series of gentle adventures. Each day Chris, Pui and their friends explore two themes that have relevance in young children's lives – from pianos to penguins, farms to feathers and cuddles to cornflakes, anything can become the start of an adventure.

Chris Jarvis says: "We really want children at home to join in the fun, so everything we do is about interacting with our young viewers.

"When we play with our toys, we hope that viewers will bring their favourite toys to sit with them and join in with whatever we're doing."

Pui Fan Lee added: "We want to encourage imaginative play with our viewers and find adventure in everyday objects. Show Me Show Me is about exploring and investigating the world around us and our playroom is a fun and magical place to do that."

Also joining in the fun on Show Me Show Me is Penelope, an inquisitive blue koala with a colourful coterie of friends and family including Stromboli the blue dog, Cesarine the white bear and Aladdin the little tiger. These adorable animated adventures follow Penelope's everyday life at school and at home as she explores the world around her. The animation is based on the Penelope books, written by Anne Gutman and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben, which have been sold in 14 languages with more than two million copies in print worldwide.

Controller of CBeebies, Michael Carrington, says: "Show Me Show Me is an incredibly intimate and imaginative series which showcases what Chris and Pui do best – connecting with children at home and encouraging them to join in and learn new things while playing.

"We hope children at home feel as though Chris and Pui have come to play specifically with them and we're really excited to have them back at the heart of the CBeebies schedule."

As main channel presenters of CBeebies, Chris and Pui formed an inimitable double act, loved by children, parents and carers.

After seven years fronting Discover And Do and The Bedtime Hour, the duo put their heads together to start developing a new show and, under the creative direction of Something Special producer Allan Johnston, Show Me Show Me was born.

Created for 2 to 4 year olds for the Discover And Do zone, Show Me Show Me is produced by Allan Johnston and executive produced by Adrian Mills. It is a CBeebies production.


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