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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Radio 1 DJs face their toughest test yet!

Greg James

Scott Mills, Edith Bowman, Greg James and Nihal plus a host of other BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and Switch presenters are taking on a tough new challenge – to sit a GCSE exam!

Hundreds of thousands of young people across the UK are currently revising for their GCSEs and the Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJs are sharing their revision tips and discussing their exam experiences with listeners.

Advice and guidance is also available online at

The stars are putting their reputation and nerves to the test as they sit a GCSE exam on Friday 19 June.

Last year Scott, Greg and a number of other Radio 1 DJs and producers sat a Maths GSCE, but it was only Carrie Davies from The Chris Moyles Show who secured a C grade. Scott and Greg are back to try again this year but, after their disappointing results last time, they have been allowed to choose their strongest subject to see if they have more success this time around.

Scott Mills says: "After last year's result, the pressure is on for me to do well in the General Studies GCSE. I can't fail again! It's as nerve wracking now as it was when I was at school, but I have started swotting up so fingers crossed I pass!"

Who's doing what?

Radio 1 line-up:

Scott Mills – General Studies
Edith Bowman – Drama
Greg James – Geography
Nihal – Biology
Aled Haydn Jones – Geography
Comedy Dave – Biology
Andy George (In New DJs We Trust) – Business Studies
Jaymo (In New DJs We Trust) – English
James King (film critic) – Drama
Becky Huxtable (producer, Scott Mills Show) – French

1Xtra line-up:

Dev – Biology
Target – English
Sarah-Jane Crawford – Maths
Twin B – Maths


Tom Deacon (presenter, the 5:19 Show) – Modern History

The DJs have also shared their tips for exam success.

Edith Bowman: "Making up rhymes to remember things always helped me out when I was revising. And you should set yourself goals and award yourself little treats when you achieve them.

"When it comes to exam day, have a good breakfast and just tell yourself that you can only do your best. Try walking to school to help clear your head and take a deep breath before turning over the exam paper."

Scott Mills: "My best bit of advice is just don't worry, it will all be fine!"

Nihal: "Record your revision and go to sleep with it playing in your earphones. Through subliminal osmosis it will be absorbed by the brain and you will be a straight A student in no time!"

Greg James: "Take some deep breaths, drink lots of water and have an early night. Also, after the exam, get the hell out of there, don't talk to anyone and don't dwell on what's just happened – there's nothing you can do so forget about it!"

Aled Haydn Jones: "To prepare for an exam, food and sleep are essential. Make sure you get a full eight hours the night before – it's even more important than any last-minute revision as your brain will work much better after a rest.

"Make sure you have a good breakfast as skipping it will mean you'll struggle to concentrate. Eat something that will give you sustained energy, like porridge or a good cereal, and avoid fatty or sugary foods."

Comedy Dave: "Make sure you turn over all the pages on the paper. I once did really badly in a maths exam when I left out an entire question about angles, a boat and a lighthouse that they'd sneakily put on the back page! These days, it's difficult to catch me out on stuff like that."

Becky Huxtable: "Revise as much as you can but, if it's stressing you out, take a break and come back to it later.

"Also, if you're allowed, take an item that means a lot to you into the exam so that if you get worried or stressed you can look at it and it will instantly make you feel better."

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Notes to Editors

The drama practical exam will be undertaken by Edith Bowman and James King on Wednesday 17 June.


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