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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Hotel Babylon – credits

The staff

Hotel Owner, Sam Franklin – Nigel Harman
General Manager, Juliet Miller – Anna Wilson-Jones
Concierge, Tony Casemore – Dexter Fletcher
Head Receptionist, Anna Thornton-Wilton – Emma Pierson
Head Barman, Gino Primarola – Martin Marquez
Receptionist, Ben Trueman – Michael Obiora
Food & Beverage Manager, James Schofield – Ray Coulthard
Head of PR, Emily James – Alexandra Moen
Head of Housekeeping, Tanya Mihajlov – Danira Govic

The Guests

Week One
Aishia Chadhuri – Preeya Kalidas
Omar – Christopher Bisson
Pramit Chadhuri – Ernest Ignatius
Miles – Ceri Murphy
Zoe – Jessica Brooks
Sister Violet – Abi Titmuss
Ben Fogle – as himself
Clive – Andrew Kane

Week two
Ed Martyn – Patrick Baladi
Erin Martyn – Caroline Catz
Darren – Paul Chequer
Tyler Martyn – Karl Rogers
Carlton Foreman – Adam James

Week three
Charlie Edwards – Max Beesley
Constance Evergreen – Honor Blackman
Arthur Barnes – Tony Robinson
Gary Pointer – Lee Montague
Harold Kelly – Richard Waters
Bishop – Jordan Long
Costello – Ed Williams
Michael Winner – as himself

Week four
Damien Rushby – Christopher Cazenove
Arianna Adams – Frances Barber
Justice – Rupert Young
Paige – Rayisa Kondracki
Billy the Beast – Charles Collingwood
Lady Gore Wilkinson – Janet Brown
Parker – Caroline Pegg
Kelly – Alex Zane

Week five
Martin Armstrong – James Fleet
Mary – Denise Van Outen
Gail Wallis Strong – Janet Ellis
Mark – Elliot Levey
Meredith Armstrong – Kellie Bright
Ferris – Mark Rice Oxley
Rhodri – Cerith Flinn

Week six
Gennaro Fazio – Darius Danesh
Ken – Trevor Peacock
Jo – Kelly Osbourne
Alexis Warren – Annabelle Apsion
Mandy – Eleanor Gecks
Simon Warren – Colin Wells
Tristrum Calder – John Savident
Count – Richard Durden
Mrs Sears – Barbara Wiltshire
Mrs Warren - Romy Baskerville

Week seven
Jim Doody – Hugh Dennis
Christiano Cucci – Clive Russell
Luna Cucci – Thalia Zucchi
Eva Cucci – Sally Dexter

Week eight
Karen – Michelle Collins
Becky – Nadia Cameron-Blakey
Richard – Roger Barclay
Graham Philpott – Tom Knight

The management

Episodes 1 & 8 – Jack Williams
Episode 2 – Andrew Rattenbury
Episodes 3 – Dave Logan
Episode 4 – Marston Bloom
Episode 5 – Darin Henry
Episode 6 – Jonathan Brackley & Sam Vincent
Episode 7 – Jessica Williams

Episodes 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 – Andy Hay
Episodes 4, 5, 6 – Jim Loach

Series created by Tony Basgallop
Based on the book Hotel Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones
Series Consultant – Imogen Edwards-Jones

Director of Photography – Steve Buckland
Costume Designer – Rosalind Ebbutt
Make-Up Designer – Kay Bilk
Casting Directors – Julia Duff & David Martin
Music by – John Lunn & Jim Williams
Script Editor – Katy Harmer
Editors – Andrew Morrison, Colin Fair & Emma Oxley
Producer – Polly Williams
Executive Producers – Christopher Aird & Gareth Neame

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