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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Hotel Babylon – introduction

Hotel Babylon – image: BBC/Carnival Film & Television Limited

Nigel Harman and Anna Wilson-Jones join the cast of Hotel Babylon in series four of the hit BBC One show, starting on Friday 19 June 2009 at 9.00pm, which takes a tantalising and seductive insight into the sexy world of the luxury five-star hotel industry.

Regular cast members Dexter Fletcher, Emma Pierson, Michael Obiora, Martin Marquez, Ray Coulthard, Danira Govic and Alexandra Moen are joined by Nigel Harman as the hotel's new charismatic owner, Sam Franklin. His ex-wife and Babylon's General Manager, Juliet, is played by Anna Wilson-Jones.

When Sam Franklin attempts to check into Hotel Babylon in episode one, little does he know that his ex-wife, Juliet, has been appointed as a trouble-shooter to either shut down or save the hotel. As the day unfolds some disturbing events threaten the hotel's equilibrium and Sam decides to take matters into his own hands. Several phone calls later and Sam Franklin is the new owner of Hotel Babylon much to his ex-wife's annoyance.

With a Bollywood-style wedding, celebrity magazine shoot, mafia gangsters, and lots of guest stars checking in, series four will, in true Hotel Babylon-style, keep audiences entertained throughout the summer.

Inspired by Imogen Edwards-Jones' expose of life behind the scenes of the luxury hotel industry in London, Hotel Babylon takes us on a journey beyond the glamour and facade of the smiling faces and glittering chandeliers and into the frenetic, non-stop world of the staff.

The regular cast include the charismatic Tony (Dexter Fletcher) the colourful and discreet concierge; the delectable-but-catty head receptionist Anna (Emma Pierson); Gino (Martin Marquez), Babylon's flamboyant head barman and even more flamboyant receptionist, Ben (Michael Obiora), who continues to camp it up front of house. Tanya (Danira Govic) is promoted to head of housekeeping following Jackie's departure in series three.

As well as the regular cast, Hotel Babylon welcomes former Emmerdale star and new employee Amy Nuttall as Melanie Hughes who joins the cast in episode seven. Max Beesley makes a guest appearance as Charlie Edwards and gets more than he bargains for when he sees old flame Anna.

Notes to Editors

This online press pack has interviews with four members of the cast. More are available to the press on request.


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