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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire – Alex MacQueen as Barnabus

Alex MacQueen as Barnabus

Barnabus is Dongalor's aide and was his footman back in his academy days, as Alex MacQueen explains: "The others around the palace probably see him as reasonably junior.

"The fact that he has Dongalor's ear means that he can get away with a huge amount and he can wield power in his name I suppose. But in the kitchen and basements everybody is probably thinking that Barnabus has no right to have these ideas above his station."

Alex continues: "Through the eyes of Barnabus, Chancellor Dongalor would be an extremely erratic, dangerous, exciting and colourful figure. His mood swings are absolutely colossal and at first this is a very, very frightening experience but after a while it becomes very exciting to be in his presence at a time like that."

Alex likens Krod Mandoon to The Pink Panther: "Certainly the scenes that I do with Dongalor are very Pink Panther-esque. It is so eccentric in that regard and in terms of likening Krod Mandoon to a TV programme I would probably say Blackadder: there's certainly elements of pantomime to it and also some poignant elements, so it's a nice mix."

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