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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire – production notes

L-R Jonathan Slinger (Cyclops), Kevin Hart (Zezelryck), India de Beaufort (Aneka), Sean Maguire (Krod Mandoon), Marques Ray  (Bruce), Steve Speirs (Loquasto)

Imagine if Conan The Barbarian had social anxiety disorder, was a germaphobic hypochondriac with bad hair and had wench trouble, and you've got Krod Mandoon.

Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire is not a spoof or a parody of a genre. It's a character-based comedy set in an ancient fantasy realm. Krod and his gang of freedom fighters have a job to do. In their case it happens to be to save the entire republic. But in order to accomplish this, Krod must first defeat his greatest enemy: himself.

The first hurdle Krod (Sean Maguire) must clear is his relationship and obsession with ex-girlfriend Aneka (India de Beaufort), a beautiful Pagan warrioress who uses her sexuality as a weapon. The Prophesy of Angomara has declared that Krod and a pagan maiden will save the Republic – "the triumph of the resistance under the leadership of the Golden One". But can you really work with an ex? While Krod swears he can keep it professional, it's absolutely clear that this will be an ongoing struggle for him.

Besides Aneka, Krod is saddled with perhaps the worst band of freedom fighters ever assembled. There is his beefy side-kick Loquasto (Steve Speirs); a half-human, half-grobble (on his mother's side) who insists on calling Krod "master", which undermines Krod's hard-won credentials as a slavery hating freedom fighter.

Also joining Krod is Zezelryck (Kevin Hart), Krod's warlock-in-chief. Unfortunately, he is about the worst sorcerer ever; at best he's a David Blaine-type poseur who uses his magic to get wenches. While Zezelryck does have some magical skills, they are half-cocked and often complicate the situation more than they help it.

Completing the line-up is Bruce, (Marques Ray), General Arcadius' prison lover who, after the death of Arcadius, joins the group and shares his unapologetically fierce perspective on their adventures.

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