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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Mark Mardell appointed BBC North America Editor

Mark Mardell

Mark Mardell has been appointed to the post of North America Editor at the BBC, it was announced today.

Mark will take up the job in the late summer when Justin Webb returns to the UK to present the Today programme.

Currently the BBC's Europe Editor, before that Mark was the corporation's Chief Political Correspondent.

Fran Unsworth, BBC Head of Newsgathering, said: "Mark brings huge energy and vitality to the job, combined with expert analysis. His engaging reporting has brought the story of Europe alive for the past three years for audiences across all our output and he will bring his unique skills of wit and empathy in his new role."

Stephen Mitchell, BBC's Deputy Director of News, said: "We are really pleased that Mark is moving to fill one of the most important jobs in BBC News. Justin Webb established the role of North America Editor, with authority and resonance at a time of fundamental change in America, Mark will continue to deliver that authority and insight as the new presidency unfolds in the United States, and as its impact is felt around the world."

Mark Mardell has been the BBC's Europe Editor since the autumn of 2005 and has covered a range of European politics from the election of President Sarkozy to illegal immigration on the borders of Slovakia, from the economic crisis all over the European Union to the EU's response to climate change.

Prior to this he had worked for the BBC at Westminster for over 10 years including a role as chief political correspondent concentrating mainly on the Ten O'Clock News, and before that the Six O'Clock News.

He was the political editor for Newsnight for eight years.

Mark said: "I am thrilled and delighted that I am going to be covering North America at such a fascinating and pivotal time, as President Obama faces a multitude of challenges at home and abroad, and the eyes of the world are upon him."


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