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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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CBBC continues its commitment to UK content as it unveils two brand new children's entertainment shows

Continuing the BBC's investment in original UK children's content, Anne Gilchrist, Controller of CBBC, today announced two exciting new entertainment shows for CBBC.

Putting children through their paces, these brand new entertainment shows will test children's ability to stay silent, while also celebrating the power of friendship.

Anne Gilchrist says: "High quality and enjoyable entertainment programmes are a key part of CBBC's wide range of original and distinctive content for young viewers. These two exciting new shows are sure to keep children up and down the country smiling."

Keep Your Enemies Close is a brand new game show format that partners friends and "enemies" together. At the start of each show four sets of best friends are split up and forced to work with their "enemy". Each round will test the newly united foes' patience, co-ordination and co-operation to the limit.

To win, the players must keep their enemies close, completing several physical and mental challenges and battling to decide which of them will tackle the nice tasks and which of them will face the nasty tasks.

Packed full of tension, the pairs of enemies get whittled down until only one duo remain for the final, where they will then be reunited with their best friends and go head-to-head with their rivals.

A 26x30-minute production, Keep Your Enemies Close is made by BBC Productions, Children's. The Executive Producer is Annette Williams.

The School Of Silence is the place where keeping quiet is an absolute riot. In each episode, four of some of the noisiest kids in the country are sent to the School Of Silence where they are tested to the limit.

Put through intensive silent training they will have to keep absolutely silent whilst carrying out hilarious challenges designed to make them laugh, scream and shout. The slightest sound will mean instant expulsion. But those who can keep it zipped will graduate and win The Golden Gobstopper.

The School Of Silence is a 13x28-minute series produced by Lucky Day Productions. The Executive Producer for the BBC is Melissa Hardinge and Damon Pattison for Lucky Day.

Notes to Editors

CBBC won the Children's Channel of the Year Award at the Children's BAFTAs in November 2008.

Figures show that CBBC is one of the most loved channels for children, reaching more six to 12-year-olds than any other children's channel and is 7% points ahead of nearest competitor, Disney.

The success of the relaunch lives on with the CBBC channel reaching almost a third of all six-12s in digital homes in the UK (based on weekly reach).


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