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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Calendar Girls: 10 Years On

Ten years after they became a worldwide phenomenon - raising millions of pounds for Leukaemia Research and inspiring a Hollywood film - the Calendar Girls of Rylstone WI are back for one last time

A BBC programme narrated by Patricia Hodge - to be aired on BBC One across the north of England on Wednesday 29 April at 10.45pm - has followed six of the original Calendar Girls as they celebrate the 10th anniversary by stripping off for a new nude calendar.

Executive producer Nicola Addyman said: "The film goes right behind the scenes of the Calendar Girls from their very first shoot to the last, and talks to the women about their success and the reason why they did what they did.

"It is a wonderful, touching - and inspiring - story which we hope viewers will really enjoy watching."

Originally 11 members of the Women's Institute decided to raise money for a cancer charity by posing nude behind the usual baked goods, the apple pressing and the flower arrangements.

The venture was inspired by the death of John Baker - the husband of one of the women. His widow, Angela, talks candidly on film about her grief.

She said: "It wasn't 11 women having a good time, taking their clothes off, we did it in memory of John and to raise money for Leukaemia Research - and that's what we have not got to forget."

In this new film, Angela and five of the Calendar Girls reflect on their bewilderment as the worldwide success of the original calendar changed their lives for good.

They speak of their sadness over the split which tore the original team in half when Hollywood came calling - and they also visit the cast of a new Calendar Girls stage show in the West End which has raised even more money for charity.


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