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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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CBBC orchestrates introduction of classical music to children

Nihal (left) and Bobby Friction (image: BBC/Dean Chalkley and Adam Lawrence)

Classical music meets pop head on in Clash, a new 6 x 30-minute series for CBBC which sees BBC Radio 1 DJs Bobby Friction and Nihal join forces with musically-talented children to revamp two well-known classical pieces into pop tracks which will appeal to people who don't normally enjoy classical music.

Classical musician, former pop star and TV presenter Myleene Klass provides the voice over for the series.

Whether they're beat-boxers, bassoonists or buskers, the children will form two teams headed by the DJs to deconstruct and re-work a classical piece, mixing musical styles and blending beats, before finally going head to head against each other with their new, orchestrated musical piece.

Each team will be mentored over the course of the six-week run. Cellist, pianist, composer and conductor Jason Lai, last seen mentoring Sue Perkins to victory in Maestro, heads up one team whilst composer and creative director of I'd Do Anything, Tim Steiner, heads the other.

During the course of the series the two teams will face a series of fun technical challenges and get advice from musical professionals as they immerse themselves in music to create the mother of all mash-ups.

For the grand finale the teams can use dancers, decks and audio-visual extras to enhance their finished orchestral piece.

In order to win they must impress a live audience who aren't fans of classical music.

Executive Producer Elaine Bancroft says: "Clash will be a rollercoaster ride right across the musical spectrum, taking in everything from Mozart to the Noisettes.

"Anyone who thinks classical music is not for them will be surprised by what our teams have created for the final performances on Clash!"

Clash is a CBBC production commissioned by Anne Gilchrist, Controller, CBBC, and produced by Hugh Lawton.


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