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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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BBC Parliament gets a fresh look

BBC Parliament will have a new look from 2.30 pm on 20 April 2009, with refreshed graphics and channel idents.

The channel audience has doubled since BBC Parliament became available on Freeview in 2006 and it now reaches 1.4 million viewers a month - 480,000 a week.

Channel Controller Peter Knowles said: "I'm sure our growing audience will enjoy our new look and continue to explore the wide range of political coverage and programming on the channel.

"Our round-the-clock broadcasting of Parliament, by digital terrestrial, cable, satellite and the web is vital to ensure we have an informed democracy."

The channel features proceedings from Westminster, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast. As well as unedited coverage of the Commons and Lords, it also shows the most important committee hearings.

BBC Parliament also makes a range of original programmes. The Record reviews the day's parliamentary work. Record Europe covers the European Parliament. Booktalk brings a weekly round-up of the latest political writing and interviews with leading authors.

BBC Parliament also screens themed evenings including the recent Night The Government Fell, which received excellent reviews.

BBC Parliament was launched in 1998 and had its last 'refresh' seven years ago.

The new look is part of a process started in 2008 to unify BBC News output across TV, radio and the internet with a consistent and recognisable appearance that connects regional, national and international BBC news output through a common brand.


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