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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Moving On, new drama series for BBC One Daytime, attracts top talent – Lesley Sharp

Lesley Sharp is well known for her roles in Afterlife, Clocking Off, Bob And Rose and, more recently, as Mrs Van Damm in the BBC One drama The Diary Of Anne Frank.

In Butterfly Effect by Esther Wilson, Lesley plays the central role of Sylvie Jackson, a woman whose world is turned upside down when she gets caught up in situation involving a gun.

Speaking about the part, Lesley says: "Sylvie is a very happy single parent with a son who is at university, then one day she goes to work and is involved in an incident which completely changes her life."

For Lesley it was the quality of the script that attracted her to the part: "Esther Wilson, the writer, is a protege of Jimmy McGovern and when I got the script I was just blown away by it because Esther's writing is really immediate, really jumps off the page.

"She really painted a very vivid picture of what was going on with this woman and made it a very compelling part to read.

"I've only read the script that I'm involved with, but given that I'm keeping company with the likes of Sheila Hancock and Ian Hart and Dervla Kerwin, I would imagine that they were attracted to the series in the same way as I was – the fact that they're getting the chance to work on some really, really top notch writing. That's one of the things you're always on the look out for."

Lesley was also complimentary about the drama's host city: "I have enjoyed spending time in Liverpool and everyone on the crew has been enormously friendly.

"Everyone's had to be at the top of their game and all the members of the public who've lent us their homes for locations and out in the streets have been really friendly and helped us and been great."

Butterfly Effect by Esther Wilson is episode five of Moving On, a new series of five unique contemporary dramas starring Shelia Hancock, Ian Hart, Richard Armitage, Mark Womack and Lesley Sharp and executive produced by Jimmy McGovern (The Street) for BBC One Daytime.

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