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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Moving On, new drama series for BBC One Daytime, attracts top talent – cast and production credits

Christine Tremarco as Ellie. Image credit: BBC/LA Productions

Exective Producer for the BBC – Liam Keelan

Exective Producer for LA Productions – Jimmy McGovern

Series Producer – Colin McKeown

The Rain Has Stopped by Karen Brown

Directed by Gary Williams
Liz - Sheila Hancock
Damar - Bhasker Patel
Alice - Emma Lowndes
Julie - Claire Hackett
Mike - Paul Fox
John - Danny Seward
Kay - Emma Vaudrey
Lilly - Lauren Leak-Smith
Joe - Dominic Senior

Bully by Marc Pye

Directed by Gary Williams
Colin - Lee Boardman
Les - Mark Womack
Jean - Julia Ford
Sonia - Claire Keelan
Andrew - Jack Ryan
Ryan - Luke Roskell

Drowning Not Waving by Sarah Deane

Directed by Gary Williams
Ellie Morgan - Christine Tremarco
John Mulligan - Richard Armitage
Maria - Jo-Anne Knowles
Sue Morgan - Sharon Duce
Debt collector - Andrew Vincent

Dress To Impress by Arthur Ellison

Directed by Illy
Jake - Ian Hart
Laura - Dervla Kerwin
Daniel - Jack McMullen
Les - Neil Fitzmaurice
Tony - Ramon Tikaram
Harry - Al T Kossy
Anne - Eileen O'Brien
Lesley - Leanne Best
Guy Burnet - Young Man

Butterfly Effect by Esther Wilson

Directed by Richard Standever
Sylvie - Lesley Sharp
Kellie - Joanne Froggatt
Sgt Connolley - Charlie De'ath
Barbara - Susan Cookson
Jacko - Elliott Tittensor
Zach - Luke Bailey
Pat - Lisa Millett
Stacy - Finn Atkins
Doctor - Jennifer Hennessey
Police Officer 1 - Colin Parry
Bloke - Michael Ryan
Lad - Michael Taylor

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