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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Inspector George Gently is back for four new single dramas for BBC One – Gently With The Innocents

During their investigation of the murder of a lonely old man in his dilapidated mansion, Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) stumble upon a world which is beyond their initial comprehension and belief.

For, as they dig deeper into the history of Harrison House in its previous incarnation as a children's home, they are forced to re-examine the seemingly clear-cut evidence. They are particularly drawn to finding an explanation for the behaviour of their prime suspect, a "Dummy lad" named Harry Carson (Matthew Mcnulty) who was once an inhabitant of the children's home and who has stayed on at Harrison House long after its closure, to tend the garden.

Their investigation is not helped by the fact that everyone around them, including property developer Cora Davidson (Jill Halfpenny), who paid over the odds for Harrison House; will either prove to have a reason to keep the truth hidden, or, choose to remain ignorant rather than face the shocking truth.

Gently With The Innocents continues one of the great themes of Inspector George Gently: a country on the cusp of a radical re-imagining of itself and unsure of how to accomplish it in Sixties Britain.

During this very dark investigation into what will eventually be proven to be abuse against children in care, Gently calls on the expertise of an old flame Laura (Sharon Maughan), a paediatrician who treats illness and injury in children, and helps him come to terms with the shocking realities.

Bacchus is thrust into competition with another officer, Seargent Blacksmith (Mark Stobbart) who is also sitting his Inspector's exams. Gently points out that Bacchus should get to know the community he serves, and as Bacchus is keen for promotion he gives a talk at a local school to advocate the merits of a career in the forces.

But, privately, he thinks it's a waste of his time and the kids seem to hold the same opinion. They don't want to join the force, they want to be rock stars… They want a look at his gun, but after that, they're not interested. But one kid Kevin (Dean Logan) takes a shine to Bacchus in a big way.

This amuses Gently, who encourages Bacchus to invest in the youth of today – and as the true nature of the investigation is revealed, Bacchus will re-evaluate his responsibility to the boy.

Behind the scenes on Gently With the Innocents:

This season all of Martin Shaw's and Lee Ingleby's suits have been hand tailored. Martin's suit designs were inspired by archive photography of Detective Superintendent Leonard "Nipper" Reid, the police officer who brought the Kray twins to justice.

Cast list:

George Gently – Martin Shaw

John Bacchus – Lee Ingleby

PC Taylor – Simon Hubbard

Chief Constable Lilley – Mal White

Laura Fenwick – Sharon Maughan

Sergeant Blacksmith – Mark Stobbart

Cora Davidson – Jill Halfpenny

Dr. Philip Morgan – Paul Copley

Harry Carson – Matthew McNulty

Alfred Peachment – Brian De Salvo

Enid Peachment – Steve Wilson

Shirley – Miranda Stewart

English Teacher – Lucy Welsh

Kevin – Dean Logan

Kevin's Dad – Frank Walsh

PC – Barry John O'Connor

Clerk – Paddy Courtney

Freddie – Thomas Kelly

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