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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Who's Watching You?: website

There are millions of CCTV cameras in the UK and they've become a common sight in many of the UK's towns and cities. But there has been little public debate about where these cameras are located and who they watch.

We will be asking users of the Who's Watching You? website – – to send in links to webcam and CCTV cameras broadcasting live on the internet.

And, in an attempt to illustrate the scale of surveillance, we will aggregate these links on one interactive map which can be used to view locations across the country.

The website will be updated throughout the series with all the latest news and analysis.

It will provide a forum for the audience to debate the issues raised by the programme and by the programme's series producer Mike Rudin in his blog.

In addition, it will host web-exclusive videos, preview clips and the opportunity for users to take part in our search for the most unusual locations of cameras around the UK.

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