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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Who's Watching You?: Richard Bilton biography

Richard Bilton presents Who's Watching You? starting on BBC Two in late April 2009.

Richard is the BBC's Special Correspondent for the News At Six and Ten.

He has recently reported on the Glasgow bombing; the Rhys Jones murder; the Suffolk murders and the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Richard has presented a number of current affairs programmes including several Panoramas – one of which was an hour special on the Madeleine McCann story.

He has also made a number of half-hour news documentaries in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Senegal and Antarctica.

An investigation he undertook into illegal workers in west London led to several arrests.

Previously Richard was the BBC's Social Affairs Correspondent reporting on health, education and social issues for the BBC One Six and Ten news bulletins.

And prior to this Richard was the Environment Correspondent at home and abroad for both bulletins.

Richard has also reported from Kuwait and Baghdad during the war in Iraq, and reported from New York after 9/11.

In his social affairs role, he has reported on the Dr Harold Shipman case, the cockling deaths and the events in Soham.

Richard was also the main correspondent during the foot-and-mouth crisis.

He worked as a special correspondent for the BBC covering foreign and domestic issues in 2000.

As a special correspondent, he reported on the earthquake in El Salvador and the oil slick in the Galapagos Islands.

From 1991 to 1995 Richard worked as Midlands Correspondent.

Previously, he worked as a local reporter and producer in Birmingham, Cleveland and Essex.

Richard studied at the University of Central England. He was born in Leeds in 1969.

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