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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Robin Hood returns to BBC One – introduction

l-r: Joanne Froggatt, Jonas Armstrong and David Harewood

Hit series Robin Hood returns to BBC One on Saturday 28 March 2009 at 6.50pm with a host of new faces.

It is three months since Marian's untimely death and Robin (Jonas Armstrong) is a changed man. Jonas presents a darker, tougher Robin Hood hell bent on avenging his wife's tragic end.

Marian's murderer and Robin's mortal enemy, Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) is a marked man. Will Robin kill his arch nemesis or let him live burdened by guilt and remorse?

Robin seems caught in a downward spiral but hope arrives in the form of a travelling monk called Tuck (David Harewood) who gives Robin hope and motivation.

Meanwhile, the wickedness of the Sheriff (Keith Allen) continues unabated.

A feisty Locksley girl called Kate (Joanne Froggatt) gets caught up in the cause of Robin Hood and proves herself as a skilled fighter.

Gisborne's little sister, Isabella (Lara Pulver), unexpectedly arrives becoming a complication for both Gisborne and Robin.

Series three kicks off with the outlaws returning from the Holy Land and Robin breaks up the gang. All he wants to do is avenge Marian's death so he races to Locksley manor to confront Gisborne and an epic battle commences with shocking consequences.

Robin Hood series three is produced by Jane Hudson and Tom Mullens at Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC One.

The executive producers are Greg Brenman and Foz Allan at Tiger Aspect Productions and Julie Gardner for the BBC.


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