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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

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Grim Rulers, Gory Battles, and Foul Feasts feature in CBBC's Horrible Histories – introduction

Horrible Histories

Some of the UK's top comedy talent is joining forces to introduce children to gruesome events and ghastly characters from British and international history in CBBC's new Horrible Histories series which is set to air on CBBC on BBC One from Thursday 16 April 2009.

Sarah Hadland (Confetti, Quantum Of Solace), Steve Punt (Mock The Week, Punt & Dennis) and Meera Syal (The Kumars) are among those bringing to life strange facts, rotten rulers, gory battles, crazy inventions and weird and wonderful moments from the past in this new series based on the best-selling books written by Terry Deary and illustrated by Martin Brown.

Starting out in the Savage Stone Age, Horrible Histories progresses through the Awful Egyptians, Rotten Romans, Vicious Vikings, Measly Middle Ages, Terrible Tudors, Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians, right up to the Woeful Second World War.

Each episode features a mixture of sketches from different ages, played by the talented ensemble cast, and commentary from the show's host Rattus Rattus – the talking rat.

Liberally splattered with guts, blood and poo, Horrible Histories romps through the ages in a collection of sketches, cartoons and quizzes.

Including pastiches of some familiar TV formats such as Historical Wife Swap, Historical Hospital and Ready Steady Feast, the series also features numerous songs including the Four Georges song – a musical journey through 18th Century British history in the style of a Westlife ballad.

BBC executive producer Kim Shillinglaw says: "Horrible Histories will be stuffed full of blood, battles and black humour – and will also give children some of the great facts and narratives of history.

"And among other things the series will introduce you to the bloody origins of the word decimation, the terrible fate of William the Conqueror's stomach, and – in two minutes – the complete history of the Roman Empire!"

Horrible Histories boasts some of Britain's finest comedy talent including writers Steve Punt, Jon Holmes (Dead Ringers) and Giles Pilbrow (Have I Got News For You) and actors Meera Syal, Sarah Hadland, Jim Howick (Peep Show), Simon Farnaby (Jam And Jerusalem, The Mighty Boosh) and Ben Ward (Dead Ringers).

Author Terry Deary also appears in some cameo roles including a Roman emperor and a grave robber.

Horrible Histories is a Lion TV production for CBBC based on the series of books licensed by Scholastic Entertainment and published by Scholastic UK.


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