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Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

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Boat Race returns to BBC in 2010

The BBC and The Boat Race Company Ltd (BRCL), today announced a new five-year deal that will bring the Boat Race back to the BBC for the first time since 2004.

The deal, which takes effect from 2010, will provide the BBC with full UK media rights and in addition allow broadcast on the BBC Sport website (, BBC iPlayer, BBC World News and BBC America.

The Boat Race is one of the UK's great national sporting moments, with a peak audience in recent years of 8.9 million.

BBC Director of Sport, Roger Mosey, said: "The Boat Race is one of the landmarks of the sporting year, and it's a national event enjoyed by many millions.

"We're extremely pleased that it's coming back to the BBC alongside other great British occasions such as Wimbledon, the Grand National and the London Marathon."

Commenting on the new agreement, Giles Vardey, Chairman of BRCL, said: "We are extremely pleased to have secured a long-term agreement with the BBC, which we expect will mean even greater profile for the Race across the Corporation's multi-media networks.

"The Boat Race, with its remarkable 180-year history, remains one of Britain's top five televised live sports events – alongside events like the FA Cup Final and the Men's singles final at Wimbledon – as well as being screened annually in 113 countries around the world."

Notes to Editors

The Boat Race achieved an 8.9 million peak viewing figure in 2004.


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