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Thursday 27 Nov 2014

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Oscar-winning film-maker tackles the Britney phenomenon for BBC Three

BBC Three has secured world class Oscar-winning film maker Vikram Jayanti to make a film about Britney Spears.

In Pieces Of Britney, Jayanti, who won an Oscar in 1997 for the acclaimed documentary When We Were Kings, will examine how, despite her problems, Britney manages to maintain her pop icon status and has become a role model for young women across the globe.

Jayanti says of Britney: "I think her success, visibility – and the public's fascination with her ups and downs – has real meaning in terms of who we are and how our popular culture works.

"On top of which, her fans really, really love her – and have stuck by her through her highs and lows and I'd like to get to the bottom of that sense of personal connection."

The film gives Britney's British fans an opportunity to celebrate the impact she has had on their lives as well as talking to celebrities about her unique influence.

Jayanti's films as director include the 2002 RTS winner, James Ellroy's Feast Of Death for BBC Arena, theatrical feature Game Over: Kasparov & The Machine for BBC Storyville, The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Phil Spector for BBC Arena, and the upcoming theatrical documentary Snowblind for Discovery Films.

Another icon of popular culture, Jordan, will be examined for BBC Three in a film from award winning director Richard Macer.

Well known for his intimate and witty films about British life and institutions, Macer has already made a trilogy of films about Jordan. Returning to the subject in this new film, Jordan: The Early Years (working title) draws on archive going back to 2002 to unravel the clues as to how Katie Price became glamour model, best selling author and business woman – Jordan.

Richard Macer says: "As more and more young women buy into her pink world of perfumes and ponies my film looks back at where it all started and asks 'where will it all end?'"

Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three, said: "I'm excited by the idea of seeing these pop culture icons through the sophisticated lens of top documentary directors. This should make for very revealing and compelling television."

Maxine Watson, Commissioning Executive for the BBC, says of the films: "Britney and Katie Price are icons for many young people. These films will explore the attributes that have kept them at the top of their game.

"We are delighted we can bring the talents and insight of two acclaimed directors to BBC Three viewers."

Danny Cohen and Maxine Watson commissioned independent production company Renegade Pictures to make Pieces Of Britney and independent production company Silver River to make Jordan: The Early Years for the BBC. The Executive Producer for Renegade Pictures is Alan Hayling and Executive Producer for Silver River is Alan Brown.


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