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Robin Hood returns to BBC One on Saturday nights from 28 March 2009

l-r: Joanne Froggatt, Jonas Armstrong and David Harewood

Update – 17 March 2009: this press release has been updated to include the transmission date.

Tiger Aspect Productions' hit series Robin Hood returns to BBC One from Saturday 28 March with a host of new faces. During 13 action-packed episodes the quest continues for justice and freedom for all.

It is three months since Marian's untimely death and Robin (Jonas Armstrong) is a changed man. Tougher, he's sacked his gang since they all returned from the Holy Land. Not only that – he's hell bent on avenging his wife's tragic end.

Jonas says: "Robin's back from the Holy Land but without Marian, the beat of his life. He's questioning everything he ever lived for and now it's pay back time and he's become obsessed with killing Gisborne. The big question is will he take his mortal enemy's life?

"It's great to bring Robin back a darker, more mature hero and fans will see that once he's come to terms with his personal loss, he's a stronger more powerful force than ever before."

Her slayer, Guy of Gisborne, (Richard Armitage), is a marked man. But does Gisborne care if he lives or dies? After all he's killed the woman he loved. After his heinous act what's left to save him from a life of evil? Will Robin kill his nemesis or let him live crippled by guilt and remorse?

Fuelled by anger and grief, Robin seems stuck in a downward spiral, but a new beacon of hope arrives in the form of a travelling monk called Tuck (David Harewood), who soon gets our hooded hero back on track.

David Harewood (Criminal Justice, Blood Diamond), who plays Tuck, says: "Creating a modern, strong Tuck for a 21st century audience is a terrific opportunity and a real challenge because many of us already have a picture of a roly-poly monk who loves his food and drink.

"But the new Tuck's heart and mind is elsewhere. He's a warrior poet, a man of vision and imagination, who has a very hands-on approach when it comes to justice and freedom, and believe me you want him on your side!"

Meanwhile, the wickedness of the Sheriff (Keith Allen) continues unabated. A spirited Locksley girl named Kate (Joanne Froggatt) objects to her brother's forced conscription. As a result she inadvertently gets caught up in the cause of Robin Hood and becomes an indispensable member of the gang.

Joanne Froggatt (The Street, Life On Mars), who plays Kate, says: "Joining the ranks of Robin Hood has been so much fun. I've learnt to fight and run for my life all at the same time! Kate's a tomboy with a big and fearless heart, but soon it's a question of who will win her undivided love and attention. As they say the path to true love never runs smoothly."

An unexpected addition to the Gisborne family, Guy's little sister, Isabella, played by television newcomer Lara Pulver, arrives and becomes a complication both Robin and Gisborne can do without.

Lara says: "Television breaks don't get better than Isabella and even arch-baddie Gisborne's feisty little sister's got issues with him! She's a real 'tour de force' and so much happens to her in this epic third series. Making Robin Hood, being part of this wonderful show, has been the best fun ever and a real-life adventure for me from start to finish."

As the threat of Prince John (Toby Stephens) looms larger Robin and Gisborne have to reach an uneasy truce as it emerges that they may have rather more in common than they thought.

Tiger Aspect's Greg Brenman says: "Series three is bigger, bolder and more action-packed than ever before. From the get-go Robin's turbo energy compels the series forward. As well as working with our now-established and well-loved star cast it has been great fun to welcome and work with Lara, Joanne, David, Toby. They and all the other new characters add so much texture and fun to this modern day interpretation of the legend that is Robin Hood."

Robin Hood series three is produced by Jane Hudson and Tom Mullens at Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC One.

The executive producers are Greg Brenman and Foz Allen at Tiger Aspect Productions and Julie Gardner for the BBC.

Robin Hood series three is part of BBC Drama for 2009 and joins a special Doctor Who, new series of Ashes To Ashes, Torchwood and The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency, new dramas All The Small Things, PAs and The Day Of The Triffids.


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